If you have an administrative change, consider these questions and talk to University Accreditation to determine if the change requires substantive change reporting to SACSCOC or the THECB:

  • Does this include initiating a contract, MOU, grant or consortium regarding outsourcing instruction or providing instruction for another organization or company?
  • Does the change include buying new property or opening a new UNT campus or center?
  • Does the change involve a new off-campus instructional site?

What Must Be Reported to THECB?

Academic administrative changes are reported to the THECB.  These changes include the creation of new colleges, schools, divisions or departments.  Name changes, consolidations of units and moving degree programs across units are also reported.  Review a current UNT degree program inventory to see the current administrative structure on record with the THECB.

Checklist for reporting academic administrative changes to the THECB