Entering into a contractual or consortial agreement to offer a dual or joint degree or instruction must comply with the SACSCOC policy on Agreements Involving Joint and Dual Academic. 


Contractual agreement typically is one in which an institution enters an agreement for receipt of courses/programs or portions of courses or programs delivered by another institution or service provider.

Consortia relationship typically is one in which two or more institutions share in the responsibility of developing and delivering courses and programs that meet mutually agreed upon standards of academic quality. Notification of initiating program/courses delivered through contractual agreement or a consortium does not apply to articulation agreements with other institutions, clinical agreements or internship agreements.

Joint Degrees: A single program completion credential bearing the names, seals, and signatures of each of the two or more institutions awarding the degree to the student

Dual degree: Separate program completion credentials each of which bears only the name, seal, and signature of the institution awarding the degree to the student

Be Prepared

There is an additional fee structure for SACSCOC prospectuses involving multiple institutions. 

If you have any questions about the process or the required paperwork for consortial or contractual agreements, please contact University Accreditation.  Also please include University Accreditation on any discussions to create new dual or joint degree programs.