University Accreditation will guide you through the steps to close a degree program or certificate.   Closing a degree program will require SACSCOC approval and THECB approval prior to the closure.  However, closing a graduate certificate program may only need to be reported to the THECB depending on how many semester credit hours are in the certificate program. 

When closing a degree program, SACSCOC must approve the closure prior to the last date of admission of students and prior to implementation.

SACSCOC will review the program's teach-out plan.  The written teach-out plan must provide equitable treatment of students and must also include the following information:

  1. Date of closure when new students will no longer be admitted
  2. An explanation of how students, faculty and staff will be informed of the closure
  3. Explanation of how students will be helped to complete their programs with minimal disruption
  4. Indication as to whether the teach-out plan will incur additional charges/expenses to the students, and how students will be notified
  5. Signed copies of teach-out agreements with other institutions
  6. Description of how faculty and staff will be redeployed assisted in finding new employment